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Camponotus ligniperda

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  • Camponotus ligniperda

Camponotus ligniperda

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Product Price
Camponotus ligniperda Queen + 0 Workers
Camponotus ligniperda Queen + 4 - 10 Workers
Camponotus ligniperda Queen + 10 - 25 Workers

Quick Overview

One of the largest species of ant in Europe. You will receive a mated Queen plus workers (depending on your chosen option).
Please note that we only ship ants within Europe.

Camponotus are one of the largest species of ant in Europe and are more commonly known as Carpenter ants, usually living in moist, hollow or decaying wood.

They are a popular species to for anyone starting out with keeping ants usually due to their impressive size and aggressive nature.

You will receive a mated Queen with workers (depending on your chosen option).

Camponotus ligniperda Species Details:

Queen: brown-black 16 - 20mm
Workers: brown-black 6 - 20mm
Nests: Nests in wood and ground, commom in rotten deadwood
Nutrition: Honey water, insects. Due to their size Camponotus require a large amount of protein in their diet.
Temperature: Room temperature 18 - 28 C (hibernate during winter from late October to late March in a cool place such as a garage, shed or outbuilding.)
Humidity: 30 - 50%

Time Scales:

Overall time from egg to adult ant - 6 to 10 weeks
Egg to larvae - 10 to 15 days
Larvae to pupa - 10 - 15 days
Pupae to adult ant - 10 - 25 days

Active - April to September
Approx Queen life span - 12 - 18 years

Live Arrival Guarantee:

We guarantee live arrival on all livestock (applies to Queens only for colonies, not workers). A replacement will be sent should livestock fail to survive the journey. Please note that the guarantee is only valid for UK and Ireland deliveries, orders outside these destinations are at the customers own risk.

Once you have received your livestock Life Unearthed (Edu-Sci Ltd) will offer a replacement should livestock perish within 24 hours of arrival. After this period we are unable to replace any insects which may die, this is due to us having no control over the environmental conditions in with the insects are being kept. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they have undertaken enough research to be able to look after the insects and provide them with the correct conditions.
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Ant Colony - Camponotus ligniperda