Ant Nuggets – 20g



This is a pure natural product. Our Ant Nuggets, were carefully collected in the wild nature of Bulgaria by beekeepers. Easy digestion due to natural fermentation. Thanks to high quality proteins it is almost a complete food (replaces honey/sugar and proteins) for most formicoid ant species such as Lasius sp., Camponotus sp. or Messor sp. and even leafcutter ants love it. It does not replace the fresh water ants need. It also does not replace the need for live proteins, such as small insects.

For feeding, Ant Nuggets should be divided into smaller portions or dissolved in water.

100% naturally fermented flower pollen. Not intended for human consumption. For ants only.

Resealable. Please store in a dark, cool and dry place.

Supplementary food for ants.
Please refer to the package insert for composition, analytical ingredients, best before date and lot number.

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