Candy Ant Snack – 20g



This is a purely natural product. Our Candy Ant Snack, made from organically farmed Acheta domesticus, coated in organic honey.
Easily digestible. Thanks to the high-quality proteins, it is almost a complete food (replacing honey/sugar and proteins) for most ant species such as Lasius sp., Camponotus sp. or Messor sp. etc. The ants love it. It does not replace the fresh water needed by the ants. Nor does it replace the need for living proteins such as small insects.

This supplementary feed is full of power protein with a content of around 50% pure natural protein.

In addition, the product has been fed with pesticide-free organic plant waste, which has a high ecological value since less energy and water is used in the production.

The added value for all ant lovers is the combination of natural protein and the natural honey coating. The ants love and need this for good brood development and healthy colony growth.

For feeding, the Candy Ant Snack should be divided into smaller portions or dissolved in water.

Naturally dried Acheta domesticus coated in organic honey. Not intended for human consumption. Only for ants.
Approximate mixing ratio 70% Acheta domesticus and 30% honey.

Resealable. Please store in a dark, cool and dry place.

Supplementary food for ants.
For composition, analytical components, best-before date and batch number, please refer to the package insert.

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