Mashed Crickets – 25g



Tested, approved and adored by Ants, Isopods, various Reptiles, Birds and even Rodents.

  • Guaranteed mite free
  • Portionable
  • Sterilised and vacuum sealed
  • Without additives or colorants
  • Handmade and packed without plastic
  • Crickets from sustainable pure organic breeding, fed with leftover organic food from regional cultivation
  • Freshly preserved moist protein
  • Same nutritional value as live crickets, but easier to digest
  • Blanched whole Crickets: chitinous shell is softened so that it can be digested more easily

25g per jar of pureed and cooked crickets

Our Cricket Jam is an easy way to provide your ants with freshly canned protein food without having to feed them live insects. The contained house crickets (Acheta domesticus) have been gently cooked to ensure that nutritional values, taste and aroma are retained. In addition, the chitinous shell of the insects is softened in this way so that it can be digested more easily. The connections of the collagenous proteins are broken down so that the ants can use them better. Canned Acheta domesticus has the same nutritional value as live house crickets, but is easier to digest.

The Cricket Jam is not suitable for hunting ant species that require live food. (e.g. ponerines (primitive ants) such as Harpegnathos or Odontomachus) But is suitable for Lasius, Messor, Camponotus, Manica, Formica, Tetramorium and more.

How to use: The jam can be used straight from the jar, then the jar can be stored in the fridge for around 4 days once opened. It is recommended that you divide the jam into portions and freeze the portions for a much longer shelf life. Portions can then be defrosted when needed and provided to your ants.

Further advantages:
Can be portioned and diluted with water
Sterilized and vacuumed
No additives
Crickets from sustainable, purely biological breeding, fed with organic waste

Can be stored in the refrigerator for about four days after opening. Longer shelf life when frozen.
Caution : Portion first, then freeze.

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